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Amazing Cotton Yoga Toe Socks

Cotton Yoga Toe Socks

Yoga Toe Socks Professional,Breathable and multiple colors
Item:Yoga Non-slip Backless Breathable Socks
Material:100 % Cotton
Colors:Black,Blue,Pink, Red, Gray, Dark Gray, Gray,Deep Purple,Purple


The unique open toe separation design,aids in increased the flexibility of your toes ankles.the ultra-slip resistance designed to helps to secure your feet better on the floor or mat.
Environmental non-slip rubber bottom, give better foot movement and provides a buffer, cushioning the sole.

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Yoga Pants for Work and Play


Yoga pants are the mot well known piece of Athleisure wear. Yoga is very popular and the benefits are numerous and yoga pants that you can wear before during and after workout are becoming more and more fashionable and popular.

A really cool trend is the Bloomer Plus size yoga pants, not only are the color fantastic, the bamboo fabric make them really breathable and relaxing, something that can easily be worn after a yoga session.



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Athleisure Hairstyles

Hairstyles for People on the Go

Keep it moving, keep it simple, keep it sexy. More people are going Natural and this not just about Afros. When we see celebrities  die at young ages, it make many people take their own lives more seriously and that has led to many people starting to workout more and seek to get fit. But who has time to change clothes for every occasion, let alone fix their hair. The new hair styles, are old, more functional and more flexible, to allow people to workout more, maintain their hygiene and look fabulous.

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Athleisure – Workout Wear

Athleisure – The Cool Way To Go This Summer

Summer here and everyone is getting fit and working out feel better. Athleisure, or causal wear workout wear that can easily be worn in and outside of the gym. People want to be comfortable and look and good. Clothing that fill all of these needs are super popular and flying off shelves as fast as Superstars can put their names on them, Superstars such as Beyonce, who has her own brand of Athleisure wear.

It may have started with the busy exec, going to and from Yoga classes, but it has blossomed into a fast growing trend taht is allowing many people to show off the fruits of their labor, hard workout in the gym.

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black v-neck T-shirt fetish


Some one on Facebook, posted this on :-)

..I have a black v-neck T-shirt fetish. I have 5 black v-necks. The three 100% cotton ones feel so good no matter how many times I wash and dry them they bounce back the same and the black hasn’t faded at all. I have 2 that have some spandex and polyester in them…I have washed and dried them as much as the others but they either shrink or get out of shape. I’ve always been told to read the labels and see what something is made of before buying it but sometimes I forget. Not to mention I have to watch where I get them from too. Life is the same way…the people who are 100% for you are going to always be the same no matter what challenges you go through or how many times your friendship is tested. The people that have some jealousy, some shade, some up to no goodness mixed in with them are gonna change up on you. So be careful of the friends you pick because if they’re not 100% for you…it is not gonna work out. Much love y’all…

Pretty deep, for t-shirts, huh? Want to go deeper, what is we attract, these great and not so great t-shirts, what if some times when we are not careful, we look for a bargain and missed out on a great deal. hmmm, It is easy to attribute behaviors t oother people, but sometimes, we have to look at the source and see what inside.