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Hover Board Safety Tips

Ride your hover board safely

Hover board have become the rage, But like most fun things there is a chance for danger, duh, right? That chance of danger is probably one of the big draws.. Here are the some quick tips to help you and the ones you love the opportunity to safely enjoy the danger.

  1. Wear the right equipment! – Nearly all the videos I have seen show people hopping on their hoverboard with no helmet, pads or anything that remotely resemble any thing to break a fall, and of course they fall. People wear a helmet, get some arm pads and defintly get a butt pad.
  2. RTFM- Read the manual, do a little research, don’t ignore obvious warnings.
  3. Calibrate Your Hoverboard: “Your hoverboard needs to be calibrated in order to work properly. How you test that is, you want to lift the wheel up and just press your hand with the foot pad and if the wheel is spinning and it’s not shaking on you, that means its calibrated,
  4. Step on properly and stand correctly -You want to step right in the middle, not too much toe, not too much heel. You just step right on and you want the widest stance possible
  5. Step Back to Disembark: “It’s not intuitive for you to step back to get off. When you step forward  thats when you fall.

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Hoverboard Videos

Hoverboard Videos From Around The Net

Hover boards have become really popular, Many People have been getting them as gifts, hence there are many videos, some of the funny, some ridiculous, some even scary, never the less here they are!

Hover Board Fails and Falls

Down Goes Mike Tyson

This is a funny remix, one of the best we have found.

Hoverboard FAIL Compilation!

Hoverboards for sale

Step-By-Step Roadmap For Building A Hovercraft

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Winter Sunglasses


Sunglasses May Be Needed More In The Winter Months


Sunglasses are often thought of as a Summertime necessity. Many people are caught off guard when they are suddenly facing a blinding sunrise or glare from a snow or early winter night driving. Skiers, cyclist, pilots all know the value of a good pair of sunglasses in the Winter months and make sure them have at least two pair ready, because you always misplace the first pair.

Sunglasses are not just for Sunshine and UV light, you have to consider increased winds and flying trash, as we mentioned increased glare from snow reflection and even the cold winds themselves, take  heavy toil on your eyes during the winter months.

Sunglasses are also great for outdoor winter sports, fishermen, skiers, hunters  can attest to the benefit of a good pair of glasses to reduce glare and filter out unwanted distortions.

Aviator glasses have become really popular as well as the orange lend driving and hunting glasses. I personally love my nighttime driving glasses, because they really make a difference on these to quick to get dark evening drives.

Eye Floaters Solution

Abundant Mind : Visualization Videos For The Law Of Attraction

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LED Flashlights Amazing Deals

Everyone needs a good flashlight, many people have taken to using their phone in a pinch, but this is not a good solution and there have even been instances where the free apps are not so free. A good miniature flashlight is much better and the LED ones listed here are comparable to what many military organizations are issuing to troop.

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